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Go-scroll-to upgraded to ES6

Our lightweight scrolling package go-scroll-to has been rewritten as a javascript ES6 module — support for older browsers has been definitely dropped.

The same features are still present: it's stoppable, it scrolls by a given speed instead of a duration, and to a specified position or to an element, either in the context of the document or of any scrollable element.

You just call the exported function without parameters to scroll to the top of the page, or you can specify some options, like speed, scroll context and an element to scroll to:

import scroll from 'go-scroll-to';

// to top of the page

// to an elemnt inside another one
    to: document.getElementById('element'),
    context: document.getElementById('scrollable'),
    speed: .3

Do check the github repository or npm for installation and usage details.

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